Thursday, 10 February 2011

League of Legends; Fun, Free and Fearsome Gaming

 League of Legends is a deceptivly complex half strategy, half hack-n-slash monster of game, in which 5 player controlled champions are pitted against five opposing players in a game of base assualt. With over 48 (and growing) champions to select from there is a champion and related play type perfect for every gamer.
 This game really stands out from the crowd with its vast strategic depth which at first will be unnoticed having some players believing the game is just a repetative manic hack and slash until they find that they are consistently the worst performing member of their team. At which point you will fin yourself fiendishly addicted to developing your game and owning player after player gaining gold and devastating upgrades that can turn the whole battle in your favour. With an out of game player development scheme and an ever expanding list of champions to acquire this game remains fresh and its repetitive gameplay never gets old. A definate recommendation for all gamers looking for something new to sink their teeth into.


  1. Love this game! I have spent countless nights playing with friends!

  2. I have a blog post on this game too! I love, love love it! My in game name is "Giulz" add me up and we could 5v5 sometime! Thanks.

  3. meh, dont really like this kind of games

  4. Very good analysis of the majority of the playerbase.

    I play on US servers, summoner name ByakuyaYO, add me sometime.

    The review was spot on, and if I may add, snowballing is the most frustrating thing about the game (when you start winning you win harder and harder).


  5. Good review!
    Only problem is that they focus on making new champions over more importanst stuff like upgrading servers ans such