Tuesday, 9 August 2011

(Catch Up) Media (001)

 I felt for the first post instead of posting one link to some youtube video teaching you a nifty way around some common problem I'd instead send you a link to probably the greatest 'life-hacking' youtube channel in history and its related website; kipkay's Channel  is all about taking common household items apart and making insanely cool items from them, this man 'kip' is simply a genius.
My personal favourite hacked item he makes is the 'cheapy lighter laser burner;' a lighter that uses a laser instead of a naked flame resulting in probably the coolest party trick ever. Check it out yourself in link 2.

Link 1: Channel Link; http://www.youtube.com/user/kipkay
link 2: Laser Lighter; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5erjj6aS5Ws&NR=1
Link 3: Kip's personal website (links to his youtube vids) http://kipkay.com/

 Enjoy :)

A post a day.

From now on I will do a post a day and as an apology for the deficit of posts  I will post a weeks worth of posts.
 Also this:

Heres a bonus 'motivator' image. 
Thinking of doing a new blog containing the best motivators from the net.
Enjoy :)

Friday, 8 July 2011

Re-ordering of the series sections.

 I have decided after re-reading the entirity of this blog that standards slipped dramatically in the quality of the posts and in the introductions, apologies again. To correct this I am re-ordering the structure of the blog, the subsections will be appropriately labelled and assigned to a day; daily updates will be completed depending on which section falls on which day.
 The new sections are:
 Media (updated on Mondays)
 Health (Tuesdays)
 Body hacks (Wednesdays)
 Science (Thursdays)
 Life help (Fridays)
 Your World (Saturdays)
 Miscellany (Sundays)


Long time no post. Apologies

 Was initially running this blog to see if it had potential to earn any money.. turns out it did, so now I have decided to start up again and will be doing so for as long as I use a computer for procrastination.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Urbanite #5: Increase your pain threshold

Another post in the Urbanite series; how to increase your pain threshold. A real unique post in this series demonstrating how certain bodily techniques help you withstand pain, from what I am led to believe these little activites genuinly help in certain 'sticky situations'.

Enjoy :)

Monday, 28 March 2011

Gentlemen #4

Another post in the Gentlemen series, not strictly just for Gentlemen but useful none the less for the less cultured amongst us.Have to say after following this guide myself I have become some what more adept at chop sticking my sushi rolls.

Enjoy :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

(Random Facts #2) Farts

Ever wondered about farts, what are they? what is their purpose? why do some smell worse than others? do animals fart?
Well heres your answer.
Enjoy :)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Gentlemen #3 (Beards)

Just for all neck beards out there looking for that perfect gent look.

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

WTF# 4: John Chang.. May change your life forever!

I could go on and on about this video and this man, 'John Chang' but my words could really do no credit. Essentially if you ever wanted to believe in something this is it.
 After watching this myself and finding a few more extra videos to furthur cement my disbelief I went on to read the two books written by one of his five Western students and I have to say I have truely had my mind blown, I hope the same happens for you. Also I am sceptic and not likely to fall for some genuis scamster but I have never been so sure about my unsurity in my life.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Now posting Life Hacks. (Animals #1)

Yep, another new series of life hacks this one as the title suggests is all about animals. This first one is a prime example of exactly how there can be life hacks on animals.
 For all the cat lovers Enjoy.

Now posting new series. (Random Facts)

Another new series appearing this month; random facts. Total mismash of all facts based informationals, no real links to anything but the knowledge on which it is based.
 First in the series an informational I stumbled upon yesterday I at first disreguarded it as being rather boring but after having a quick skim read through realised it is incredibly interesting and is something that the community of followers at life's know how would definatly enjoy.

 Enjoy :)

WTF #3. The fish with the transparent head.

Not the most wtf wtf that we've had at life's know how but this certainly is a wtf and an impressive one at that. This fish is a deep sea fish and like everything that lives in the deep ocean it inspires 'wtf awe' and is incredibly intresting to just observe.
 Feast your procrastinating eyes upon the rather cute 'Barrel eye'

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Now posting Life Hacks. (Students #1)

Another new life hack series and this one is an old trick that was used by a friend in a GCSE exam I sat. At the time I was totally in awe of this guy's ingenuinity, a seriously great trick that literally went on unnoticed even though this was in a really heavily 'invigilated' exam.


Now posting Life Hacks. (Food #1)

 A nice how to/hacks series in which all mannar of culinary tips and tricks shall be covered. To begin this series I've added a little informational on the different types of cooked meat.

  Sorry for the brief into on this series lots of rushing about. Will add lots more informationals in the coming days.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Life hacks (How it works #2)

A very interesting second post in the how it works series. In this post tattoos. Enjoy.

Life Hacks (Urbanite #3)

Third in the series, this one is a life saviour at all parties. Enjoy

Friday, 18 February 2011

Life hacks (Gentlemen #2)

Second post in the Gentlemen series I'm sure much appreciated by the followers that go to work in a tie and are fed up of having a 'peanut' knot.
 Enjoy :).

 Personal favourite just incase your interested in the 'Windsor'. Very professional ;).

Now posting Life Hacks. (How it works #1)

First post in this series. Much appreciated by everyone who was thinking how exactly do sound cancelling head phones work?


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Now posting Life Hacks. (Life mastery #1)

By far the most important series of this blog. Teaching you and me how to master life through numerous techniques, tricks and pointers. These informationals are the 'spine' of this blog fixing the issues raised in these posts essentially allow you to get to somewhere comfortable in your work, social and professional life giving you guilt free time to invest in worthwhile skills and hobbies that are not just disguised procrastination.

 This first post whilst rather text heavy I believe is probably the most essential as in it provide the skeleton of the perfect being and working hard on each of these elements gives you the basic mindset to properly contenplate just exactly who you want to be. This one is my personal favourite and has planted the biggest seed on its own just from first read.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Life Hacks (Urbanite #2)

The second post in the urbanite series, this one demonstrating how to pass past any floor when riding in an elevator now I can totally vouch for this one by trying it out last year in a hotel elevator with my brother pressing the button for his floor on the floor above, resulting in me just wizzing past him. 

Yet another WTF?!

A bizzare video from gnarkill, I can't quite understand why I like this but I find these totally insane lyrics rather catchy. But yes enjoy in the hatred of He-Man and the blossoming love of Skeletor and Beastman.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Now posting Life Hacks. (Body magic #1)

 This series is focus on all the fun you can have with just your body. All the hidden tricks you can do to make extrodinary experiences happen using only your body and a bit of effort will be covered and explored at depth in this series.
 The first post in the series is a bit of an overview declaring just four different techniques you can use to 'get high' of your body. This series is probably my favourite as an avid psychonaut exploring the mind is basically what I feel life is about and nothing is as fun as this pass time when you get rather good at 'hacking your brain'. Also just a word of warning, make sure you are very aware of yourself and your limits as pushing yourself with some of the techniques explored in this series can cause you real damage.

P.s hypgognia will scare the living shit out of you if your brain decides to fuck with you back but try to remain calm. Good luck.

Now posting Life Hacks. (Computers #1)

Another Life Hack series this one is dedicated to computers, everything about computers, the tricks, the tips and the down right awesome they can do.

 First post in this series seems extremely relevant and is on how to effectivly 'protect' your PC specifically a windows OS from the rest of the world for no cost whatsoever. Im currently protected in the same way the guide offers and I can defintly say it works.

Another 5 star WTF!?

Also the phrase 'laco pip' is now forever engrained in your head.

Friday, 11 February 2011

The science behind Big Hits!

Not an american football fan myself as I am a rugby player but after watching this I have much more respect for the players of this game. Also the wipe out by the presenter is pure comedy gold. 'Thats exactly the same as getting hit by a running bull'.


tips n tricks n jokes: 11 Febz lulz

tips n tricks n jokes: 11 Febz lulz: "After a night out, I dropped the wife off and drove the babysitter home. As we pulled up outside her house, I turned to thank her and not..."

Brilliant blog full of dark humor, sick jokes and world class anti jokes. Specifically why is six afraid of seven.. Genuis!

Now posting Life Hacks. (Life Science #1)

 This is the first post in the section of life sciences, a section that includes such popular topics of sleep, layman science, incredible home made cures and odd pop science aswell as just wierd instructional informationals that dont fit anywhere else. 
 First post about Hangovers is a must have for any drinker, personally from understanding this I realised that ingesting a shit ton of milk before bed is actually the best hangover cure due to its nutrients and hydrating qualities.

Now posting Life Hacks. (Gentlemens #1)

 The first informational in the gentlemen's section. Provided here is the guide to looking perfect in a suit. Follow up articles in this section will be focused on appropriate attire and behaviour for all men looking to become a little more chivalrous.

WTF:#1 ( 5 Star wtf'ery)

There is times in life where words are just not enough to describe the extent to which some humans can come up with just mind boggling head fuckery. Enjoy... also close your mouth.

Now posting Life Hacks. (Urbanite #1)

Informational Number One in the Urbanite series. A series devoted specifically to the urban inhabitant for their day to day adventures in the urban jungle. Enjoy and comment. :)

Now posting Life hacks. (Security/Crime #1)

The purpose of this section of informationals is to increase awarness of your vunerability to certain crimes by showing you the processes in which they are committed not actually condoning the activity merely a helpful glimpse into where your left out in the open by your security company.
More coming soon.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

League of Legends; Fun, Free and Fearsome Gaming

 League of Legends is a deceptivly complex half strategy, half hack-n-slash monster of game, in which 5 player controlled champions are pitted against five opposing players in a game of base assualt. With over 48 (and growing) champions to select from there is a champion and related play type perfect for every gamer.
 This game really stands out from the crowd with its vast strategic depth which at first will be unnoticed having some players believing the game is just a repetative manic hack and slash until they find that they are consistently the worst performing member of their team. At which point you will fin yourself fiendishly addicted to developing your game and owning player after player gaining gold and devastating upgrades that can turn the whole battle in your favour. With an out of game player development scheme and an ever expanding list of champions to acquire this game remains fresh and its repetitive gameplay never gets old. A definate recommendation for all gamers looking for something new to sink their teeth into.