Monday, 28 February 2011

Now posting new series. (Random Facts)

Another new series appearing this month; random facts. Total mismash of all facts based informationals, no real links to anything but the knowledge on which it is based.
 First in the series an informational I stumbled upon yesterday I at first disreguarded it as being rather boring but after having a quick skim read through realised it is incredibly interesting and is something that the community of followers at life's know how would definatly enjoy.

 Enjoy :)


  1. Over 150 Characters!
    My sister remember every episode of "The Simpson"!
    I believe remember that too.

  2. My brother knows almost everything written in that image. He keeps watching Simpson's episode even if he know exactly what every characters will say in every moment of every episode.

    I think he's addicted.

  3. I love that Bart is voiced by a little old lady